Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Help me! I am an addict

Dear Reader,

It is official: I am addicted to Analytics!

I love it when it rockets and I hate it when it plummets.

This is really tragic. I just can't help it. I must check the numbers every morning before going to work, at lunch time and in the evening when I am back. As if the numbers will go up if I check them more often.

Worse, I realized that I can now see the daily stats by selecting today's date on the date range selection tool. I think that wasn't there before, I had to wait a full day (yes 24 very long hours).

I am doomed. What I am going to do?

What I usually look at first is the main executive screen specifically the big "visits and page views" chart: that is when my heart beat goes up (or down). Then a quick look at the pie chart showing the ratio of new and returning visitors (you want both let's less 2/3 1/3 respectively). Then I look at the visits by sources which usually reflect some activities (I think the scientific term is campaign) I had during the week.

After that I go in more details. I like to check my "Top contents" in "Contents Optimization" to see whether people read the post I expect (like the one I posted on social networks). After that I check the "Length of visits". I can see that I have a few more people staying a couple of minutes but still a majority stay 10 seconds or less (very bad). I usually skip the depth of visits since blog are rather flat it does not tell me a great deal.

While you are on the top contents, you want to cross analys top contents against source to see which are the source that bring the most people for the most read document (so that you can create a focus campaign on this existing success: always easier than a campaign against a losing paper). Select the red button of at the top of your contents list go in "Cross Segment Performance Source" select "Source Medium". Then what you see is the source just for that document. Then see whether you can max out on some of these sources with some email campaign, social networking, forums posting, blog trackbacks ....

That is usually when I realize that I have been starring at my screen far too long and that I should get a drink of water (so should you).

Allez oups go get that glass of water.

Have fun.

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Help me: I don't understand a word of this.

Thank you very much indeed!

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