Sunday, August 20, 2006

I decided to socialize my blogs

Dear reader,

I used link2blog before but it didn't bring anybody back while I apparently directed lots of people outside of my blog. Anyway since I enabled adSense on this website I decided to remove it in case Google sees it as competing ads.

I am new to this game but it appears that social networking is a great way to attract traffic therefore I decided to add Socializer :a neat little tool to help connecting with other blogs and bloggers.

I also decided to add direct link to the main ones: Technorati , Digg , Delicious , Furl , Reddit and Blinklist . Finally I enabled the Technorati integration to blogger, pretty slick!

Hoping all this will pay off, obviously I am working on contents too (e.g. review of Adobe Lightroom for my photography blogs)

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