Sunday, August 20, 2006

Must have resources for wannabe webmasters

This post lists all sort of websites, blogs, articles and tools on various subject key to a wannabe webmaster: link-building, seo, advertisment, laws, ...

First the main page websites and blogs that you must have in your favorites:

Then the specific posts or articles that I suggest reading:

Now the links to specific tools I think you should try:

And finally the list of submit pages for most important search engines:

These URLs should cover 90% or more of the search market see (SEOmoz guide).

Please let me know what you use or recommend (by dropping me a comment). I will amend the list accordingly.

Attention please!
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Help me: I don't understand a word of this.

Thank you very much indeed!


Jerome said...

There's a new must have ressource.

Google SiteMaps

You have some more informations than Google Analytics, could be useful

Thanks for your blog, i'm curious about the results..

Unknown said...

Thanks Germinator for the feedback,

I have amended the list according to your suggestions.

I indeed plan to blog on Google Analytics whenever I am confident I have learnt enough about it.

Stay tuned (RSS)