Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Suggestions for your reading list

Dear Reader,

As from now, I will start sharing part (the best of course) of my personal reading list.

These will be the articles or blog posts that as a "wannabe webmaster" trying to learn the trade I enjoyed the most or found the most helpful.

So, for this week, I suggest:

  • Winning Big With a Small Search Marketing Budget : If you are like me - (very?) small fish in a big pound - you will find this post quite refreshing, this is not the final answer to a small budget internet marketing campaign however it goes a long way to making you feel better about it.
  • Buying & Selling Text Link Ads It appears that using Text Link Ads to bring traffic in is now a common practice. I found that post from SEOmoz quite informative especially the comments also check-out the links to the 2 main player’s website.
  • Generating Buzz With Link Baiting and Viral Campaigns It is a fairly generalist post however quite inspirational. It will hopefully give you some starting points and ideas for you next (or first) link baiting campaign.
  • Is Black Hat SEO Officially Mainstream? As usual Black Hat is being very controversial. It is quite entertaining to read although a bit saddening. Keep an eye on the comments as I am sure this post will raise eyebrows (again).

Attention please!

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Help me: I don't understand a word of this.

Thank you very much indeed!

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