Sunday, August 20, 2006

Various notes about my optimizations

Hi Reader,

In order to compare the traffic on blogs against my changes, I have created a Google Analytics account (free) and taken notes of any changes or actions in my Google homepage (in a Google sticker note). Sadly that was a mistake as it has a fairly short limit (about a page) and I has lost some data.

Anyway, first things first, I setup the blogs to include the Google Analytics JavaScript. It is really easy, you just cut and paste into your blog template the JavaScript right at the bottom above the body tag (note to myself: I need to do it for this new blog). It does take sometime to register the new feed and also keep in mind that the data are display the day after.

Then after creating the blogs on the 11th of August 2006, I added my photography blog URL to my signature in the IMatch forums (this is a DAM software) and another photography forum (Gallery2). It did bring a few hits. Not in large numbers though (about 10) and it didn't last. The conclusion is that I need to find more forums and post regularly on the most active ones.

On the 12th, I submitted my photography blog to link2blog and added their tower to all my 3 blogs. It is worth noting that at that time I was still unsure about the names of the blogs and changed them a few times (old names were “On Technology and Software”, “Thoughts on Photography” and “About Marco”). That must have confused the search engines. Although I was just starting to get listed by Google so the damage wasn’t too bad.

On the same day, I submitted my 3 blogs to blogsrater, added the blograter icon (with appropriate link) and finally created a review for “About Hazel” my wife’s blog. I also submitted “Thoughts on Photography” to ratethisblog. Since the website looks a bit unprofessional, I didn’t bother with the other blogs (note: ratethisblog it linked to blogsrater).

On the 13th, I used the 24 free impressions for blograter’s “our Featured Blog box”. I got these because I setup the link straight after registering to this website. I don’t think I had a single referral from that site anyway: don’t waste your time with this one. On the same day, I also added my photography blog to blogfaces, never seen a referral yet.

That is when I decided to rename my blogs (again!). New names are:


I therefore resubmitted to link2blog and blogsrater and updated my Adobe and IMatch forums signature. I also added the 3 blogs to Not a single referral from this one either but I had a few from the Adobe and IMatch forums and link2blog but not blograter.

Finally, I added to digital photography page and submitted the 3 blogs feed to Yahoo, MSN and Google (again). Long this was!

On the 14th, I added my work IP address to the filter of Google Analytics and I renamed “About Marco” to “Marc Weiersmuller” and of course reposted to msn and Google search. I also added my home IP address to Analytics around that times.

On the 15th, I enabled AdSense on “Bringing Light into Photography”. I now it is a bit naïve since I don’t have any serious level of traffic yet but it felt good. I also rewrote my post on Lightroom to use “Adobe Lightroom” as often as possible as this score higher than “Lightroom” in Google search.

On the 17th, I posted a message about what gallery to use on IMatch, I posted a message on Gallery about integration to IMatch and posted a message on Lightroom about integration to IMatch.

That is when the bloody Google sticker notes reached it limits.

Anyway, I enlisted to Technorati roughly around that time, setup the Firefox integration and started adding Technorati keywords to all my post. I also added Socializer around that time. I also joined ClickBank soon after and set it up on “Making sense of Technology and Software” using “CB Click”. This basically does like Google ads: fetch and display the ads. However this is quite a bit slower (not to myself: write your own list of ads).

Finally yesterday the 19th, I joined Flicker, posted a few pictures (about 200) and added my photography blogs to my profile. The reason I did that is because Flicker scored very well in the following Web 2.0 list.

Voila quite a lot but sadly not very much result. The peak was on the 17th when “Bringing Light into Photography” reached a mere 12 visits and 18 views. Hopefully, this number maybe low estimate, I have read in some SEO newsgroups that Analytics “underestimate” by a large number.

I have also a few jokers to play:

  • Blast email to my all friends, work colleagues and family members,
  • Write proper contents i.e. finish and post the Lightroom review,
  • Build a simple web app to provide some service,
  • And finally AdWords (ok that is sort cheating but if I recoup through AdSense I am happy with that).

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