Saturday, April 21, 2007

Activities up to 22 of April 2007

Sadly, I had to stop posting for a long while due to personal matters. However I am now back with my experimentations and stronger than before!

These last weeks have been very busy period for me. I have done a lot see below:

  1. I have rebuild all my blogs using the new Blogger beta and a new black template so that all my blogs look and feel more or less match.
  2. I have moved most of my blogs under sub domains of my main domain name except for ProLight which I may eventually move to
  3. I claimed "again" my reborn blogs in Technorati (you cannot change the url of your blogs) and removed the old ones.
  4. I bought and put it on Sedo just in case I make a few pennies (I do not say pounds ;-)).
  5. I created a front page on to point to the other blogs. got a face lift

This is has been messy, it is not finished but I am getting there.

I am nearly finished redoing all the Weiersmuller domain.

I have broken it down in sub domains: one per blog (using Blogger). Then I have copied the same template across all my blogs (sadly manually) and finally adapted the template for my main page on the www site.

This is has been messy, it is not finished but I am getting there. Hopefully eventually it will work together and look ok (feedback welcome). I have still some work to do on the www page as I want to display the latest post for Marc Weiersmuller and Hazel Tan blogs possibly in two parallel columns so that the www page becomes our front page for family and friends.

Other things to do are: contact page, about us page, nice photo gallery or slideshow, .... Eventually I might move back to a proper CMS (I started from PHP Nuke but my dear wife didn't like the look of it). I am now looking at Joomla.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Web 1.0 is dead, long live Web 2.0!

By doing so the Web is becoming more than just a technical tool for nerds or savvy computer users.

It was time. After several decade of slow progress, we are finally seeing some significant changes from the now quite old "World Wide Web".

So far the Web was merely of way of publishing information to a large group of users wired to computer using the Internet. It has slowly evolved to something more interactive. However lately new trends of software deemed more social (bookmarking, blogging, forums, ...)- as they integrate the needs of the Internet users - have lately started the transformation of the old Web 1.0 beast into a more human friendly Web 2.0 communication platform.

It is quite important to remember that people mostly work by exchanging bits of information. Even though Google has made a very significant contribution in last decade; so far the Web was good at listing this information, not so good at retrieving it. However right now it is getting better at sharing this information through social networks.

By doing so the Web is becoming more than just a technical tool for nerds or savvy computer users, it is becoming a form of common unconsciousness made of small human beings interactions. Where is it going to stop is impossible to guess, nevertheless it is clearly a big step forward and will transform the way we interact and work together for the decade to go.