Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blog activity report: Sunday 27th of May 2007


  • On the 26th of April, I decided to push one of my post "Are venture capitalists all sharks?" to social networks, it didn't work, only 3 visitors,
  • On the 14th of May, I have posted a piece about BlogCatalog social networking strategy which has attracted quite a few diggs (11 so far), it attracted no visitors from Digg but quite a few people from the BlogCatalog crowd read it,
  • On the 20th of May, I posted a little post on a new Flickr mash-up which actually attracted quite a few visitors from Digg (about 50) despite having just 2 diggs,
  • On the 28th I setup my Google Analytics so that it gathers all the data from my sub-domains separately as well as together in one profile: not a complete success (see).

  • I need to investigate a spike in my ProLight blog. It has reached 29 links in Technorati and attracted temporally quite a few visitors: 6o visitors on Sunday the 22nd which is quite a lot more than usual,
  • I need to analyse the 2 posts that I recently dugg to understand why some brought so many visitors and the other none while the numbers of diggs went the opposite,
  • I need to investigate my Google Analytics settings, the profile, it does not show the pages from all the sub-domains as I wanted.

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