Saturday, April 21, 2007

Activities up to 22 of April 2007

Sadly, I had to stop posting for a long while due to personal matters. However I am now back with my experimentations and stronger than before!

These last weeks have been very busy period for me. I have done a lot see below:

  1. I have rebuild all my blogs using the new Blogger beta and a new black template so that all my blogs look and feel more or less match.
  2. I have moved most of my blogs under sub domains of my main domain name except for ProLight which I may eventually move to
  3. I claimed "again" my reborn blogs in Technorati (you cannot change the url of your blogs) and removed the old ones.
  4. I bought and put it on Sedo just in case I make a few pennies (I do not say pounds ;-)).
  5. I created a front page on to point to the other blogs.

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