Monday, May 14, 2007

BlogCatalog social networking strategy

I took part into a Technorati experiment a little while ago (see Do you want to take part in a Technorati experiment). It is now time to take part in a BlogCatalog experiment.

Don't wait any more time go through the list and start lobbying the people you like.

As a new blogger in a very crowded blogsphere, I struggle to push my voice out there and fail to grab some of these juicy Internet links. As such BlogCatalog is an easy way to increase your traffic from fellow bloggers. All you need is to have a few posts and a bit of history then you can register your blog.

When you have done so, you will see some curious BlogCatalog users popping in. Then you can start networking with your fellow BlogCataloguers and market your blog(s) to them. Don't forget that when you visit a blog, you then become visitor of that blog and will be listed on the BlogCatalog recent viewers widget possibly exposing your blog(s) to ever more people. Also don't forget to be polite and thank your visitors to entice them to come back.

However you must have a good strategy. Don't just go random that is time wasting: think ... then think again. Basically you need to scan through BlogCatalog users to find people:
  • with same tastes as you so that they and their readers read your blog(s),
  • with lots of inbound links (or contacts) so that you get some of that juicy traffic,
  • and finally friendly enough to reply or link back to you (or add you as a contact) so that you increase you ranking.
Ranking is visible in BlogCatalog on the users profile (see mine not so good). That is all nice and good but surely you don't want to scan the 1000's of users to find out the right people. Well, that is where you need to be clever. Just ask Google magic search engine, basically type this in Google (if you are down right lazy just click the link below):

What you get is the list of BlogCatalog profile ordered by ranking thanks to the Google magic. That means very likely the profiles with the highest number of inbound links (not quite sure as the Google magic is kept secret and we can only speculate about the recipe). You can also add specific search keyword(s) like photography to find like minded people. Although this does not mean number of contacts that should list the profiles with the most external visitors. Anyhow that's the job done.

This strategy will maximize your return on investment and make you more visible in the Internet space (more specifically in the BlogCatalog sphere). Of course it is a little hard work and to make sure it is worth your while, why not calculating your return on investment and let me know how you are doing:
"ROI = number of inbound link(s) gained / hours spent networking"
Notes: number of visitors is less relevant as they tend to vanish quickly, inbound links get you new visitors for ever. I thought I would use minutes but I think we need to be reasonable here one new inbound link per hour is pretty good.

Don't wait any more time go through the list and start lobbying the people you like. Don't forget to tell me how it goes by posting a little comment about this strategy!


Anonymous said...

I NEVER would have thought to do that Google Search! Thanks so much for the tip!

Daniel said...

This is a really great way to utilize blog catalog to your benefit without spamming and annoying a lot of people.

great post

Daniel from BlogCatalog

Nia here! said...

On first glance from top to bottom of the google return does not yield any pattern of incoming links or technorati ranking...

For example, it's possible to be at the top of the google search return and have a registered website at BC that has a Technorati ranking of over 1.5 million and an authority of 3!

meaning almost nil incoming links!

Being a subdomain of blogspot may cause a rise toward the top much more significantly that then number of incoming links.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

That is interesting. But say you just get some backlinks to your blogcatalog profile page, won't that increase your standing in google search.

Unknown said...

Adam, I would think it would increase your profile standing as any other page really

Unknown said...

nia you are right Google ranking and Technorati ranking are totally different.

I believe Google has a complex weighted algorithm based on analysis of backlinks in context of keywords while Technorati has a simpler system based on mere backlinks counts. Google tells us you rank high for a specific set of keywords while Technorati just tells you have lots of backlinks from bloggers.

Neither means direct traffic, you could rank top of unknown keywords in Google and have no traffic if nobody search these (I rank first for Weiersmuller and get very little traffic), you could have tons of backlinks from low traffic blogs and rank high in Technorati still getting no traffic. You could really use both as a benchmark (I am not sure many people follow PR anymore anyway by the way).

Finaly to make my strategy work at his best I would suggest doing a keyword analysis and see what profile in BlogCatalog match these high traffic ones.

Cheekymonkey said...

Thanx so much for the google search tip, I'm a new blogger so need all help I can get.

Leesa said...

If you are not signed up to Digg, the Digg icon does not seem to work.

Leesa said...

By the way, I have a site on blogspot (, and I have noticed that when you type in Leesa (part of the name of the blog), I am normally ranked #2 or so. Another blog with a Leesa name, is ranked first.

irtiza104 said...

the search is a good idea. thanks for sharing.