Sunday, May 20, 2007

How to add a Digg button to a Blogger post

I was struggling this afternoon attempting to integrate the Digg button in one of my post. Eventually I got sick of it and posted on BlogCatalog my dispair. Very quickly borzack put me on the right track:

Blogger doesn't allow the script tag if i'm not mistaken. Here are a few help:
I used the first link as I don't digg all my stories and don't want to cluter them to much. I think it worked see BlogCatalog Social Networking Strategy.

If anybody feels generous enough to click and digg my story I would really appreciate. I would of course return the favor as soon as you've got your button working ;-)

Thanks a lot to borzack and Diggbutton,

Kind regards,


Chan Mya Soe said...

Hay. Try from this site
Hope you'll enjoy it :)


Matei Domnita said...

Thank you for this :)

Charlse said...

Is there anyway without uploading file to server?